When I was graduating high school back in the day, I somehow got the idea that I was done with the longest and most difficult phase of my education. And that uni was like adding the final piece of the puzzle which I’ll get through in a blink of an eye! I have no idea how I formed this idea of uni because as soon as I started my first day, I realized that none of the previous is true.

I picked a five-year worth major at uni of which I, honestly, feel every day as it slowly goes by. Maybe because I was told that my uni years would fly by, or maybe because I’m not enjoying my studies, I don’t know… But from the first day I started, I swear to God I felt the heavy burden fall hard on me; and it has been suffocating me ever since. However, I’ve just finished my final exams and this means that I’m finally done with my fourth year, which also means that I’ve officially become a senior student! *happy screams and jumps all over the world* The heavy burden definitely feels much lighter now and soon it’ll be taken off my shoulders. I cannot wait!


Two days into the summer vacation and I’ve spent them all in bed with the company of fever and microbes. What a great way to kick off the vacation, ha! I haven’t hit the gym for a whole week and I messed up my diet twice so I don’t really feel great. But there is one thing that made this week feel great though; receiving a super amazing birthday gift – one that I’ve wanted for SO long; a Polaroid camera. You all know how much I love to document as many moments as I can so having a Polaroid makes this even more possible. I’m so looking forward to all photos I’ll be taking using my new Polaroid.

Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim friends and readers! I’m so excited for this Ramadan because it feels like I missed out on last year’s. I seriously don’t know how to Ramadan and work full-time at the same time; that’s a dilemma I’ll have to solve. For now though, I’ll enjoy the Ramadan vibes, the serenity it brings along, and the summer vacation. Let me know in the comments below what you’re excited about this summer. Have a great weekend! Cheers!


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