Staying Active

Remember how I kind of broke down in my previous post? Well that is still ongoing, however, I genuinely feel happier this week. Who would have thought that having a luxurious planner could generally lift my mood up? Amid the finals, the suffocating uni pressure, and my personal life, planning my day on paper has effectively helped me power through. Also, my favorite person ever graduated from overseas uni and is now back home safely; how can I not just be extra happy?

Seriously though, for my “powering through” plan, I found out that staying active is very helpful. And I’m not the kind of girl who would normally choose going out over staying at home at any time. I’m the kind who would bring the outdoor activity home, or just postpone it for as long as I can. I mean, I did reschedule the dentist appointment twice this week just because I didn’t feel like going (and I was frightened). However, when I packed my week with at least one outdoor activity a day, I felt so much better than I’ve been for a while. Surely there were times when I literally forced myself to step out of home, but once I was over with whatever I had planned, I never regretted leaving home in the first place. If anything, I was sometimes more encouraged to go out again, which I did and still felt amazing. I think the magic behind staying active is keeping myself busy; mentally and emotionally. I plan my day out, I move from one activity to another, directing my energy on one thing at a time so that by the end of the day I’m completely worn out; mentally, emotionally, physically and sometimes spiritually as well (on yoga days). I slept like a baby every night all week long! Staying healthy, fit and active is now the kind of life I’m aiming at and I’m loving it!


Almost a month ago, I turned 22 years old; the twenty’s phase is very exciting to me. I don’t mind growing old at all, if anything, I look forward to it. However, this year, I didn’t feel like celebrating my birthday in any way because I wasn’t emotionally or mentally in place for it. I mean, I haven’t even replied yet to all the online birthday wishes I received; I just can’t bother, you know? My kind of inside ongoing celebration is whenever someone asks for my age; I love when this happens haha. Yesterday, my best friend got me a very thoughtful birthday gift. It’s the kind of gifts that shows how much thought and attention to the details have been put into it. It’s not the first time she’s given me a thoughtful gift but this is the best one of all! I’m forever keeping this gift with me wherever I go. So far, I haven’t beaten her in the gift-giving game but hopefully someday I will. Mark my words!


I only have one week left before I’m done with this semester and my summer vacation finally starts; I’m so excited. This is the last Friday I’ll be studying in before I become a senior student; let the countdown begin! Fingers crossed that this summer will be just as awesome as last year’s. Let me know in the comments below what your plans for summer are. Have a lovely weekend, awesome people! Stay active!


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