Powering Through

I don’t think I have ever longed for a summer vacation more than I am now. For the past week, I’ve been trying to think of ways to skip my final exams and still score excellent grades… of course, that could only be possible in unicorn world! So whilst my brain, body and soul were freaking out because my head was so not in the game (still isn’t) and final exams were about to start, I had to make myself believe that I’ve got my shit together. I had to power through whatever mental catastrophe I’ve been so lost in and literally DO life. This is the most time in my life that I’ve felt how true the following saying is “Life is like a train; it waits for none.”

We’ve all got personal issues that we need to take care of; no matter how big or small they are. Every one of us is fighting a battle that even our close circle doesn’t necessarily know of. And while some problems can be handled in parallel to life, other problems are big enough that it intersects with life as we know it. That’s where I stand right now; at the intersection between my life and a catastrophic zone. I can’t get past the intersection yet but I’m surviving which is wearing me out! It feels like from one side of the intersection comes the non-stopping train of life, while from the other side comes running herds of big-sized animals, both meeting at the intersection where I need to stay on feet. It’s either I stay put and push through life as every day comes, or I quit the battle and miss out on life. And of course being the kind of girl I’m, I went with staying put and powering through.

Gym classes have surprisingly been a great power through for me, and I am loving it! Last week, I’ve attended Cardio, Crazy Ball, Kick Boxing, Zumba and Belly Dance classes which I enjoyed every minute of. Especially when I start dripping sweat because that’s when I know I’m burning calories; that’s when I know I’m at least doing one thing right in my day so it feels satisfying. It’s one form of joy I’ve recently unlocked and I look forward to enjoying it all summer long. Where is the summer vacation already?

If we were to view my last week in photo frames, it’d be like this: late night shopping with mum, study planning, reading health-based articles, brainstorming about my book, stressful studying, scary dentist visit, attending gym classes, mentally lecturing myself, and binge eating loads of ice cold watermelon. Now imagine these photo frames happening every day for a whole week with a change in one or two; my week was packed, and so was my emotional status. Ice cold watermelon and gym classes were the best part of my week though. Let me know in the comments below what the highlight of your week was. I’m always interested in knowing you guys better. Have a lovely weekend!


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